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Optional Slice Space Kit: DIY slice spacing kit - choose 3/8" or 1/2" - and offer variety for different types of breads and customer preferences

Patent-Pending Blade Cartridges Make Changing Blades More Efficient: 
Install fresh blades without touching a single blade in about 20 minutes! So simple - no service technician required

Easy Clean: Built-in crumb collector with innovative "funnel effect" design.

Convenient Storage Shelves: Keep blade cartridges, bags, and tools within reach

 Made in the USA • NSF & UL Certified

5-Year Warranty with product registration

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Production slicing just got easier with the new Oliver SelectPro!

On-Demand Single Loaf Slicing

Continuous-Feed Production 

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All the same great features as the Select model  - slice option kit, replacement blade cartridges for easy blade changes -  plus a large capacity infeed for production slicing

Simple Slide Loaf Length Guide: Infeed loaf length guides slide easily keeping loaves inline for continuous slicing with no additional adjustments

Easy-load Open Ended Chute: No need to open and close guard when reloading. Open ended chute increases speed of loading, significantly reducing time to slice larger orders 

Integrated Last Loaf Pusher: Hidden out of the way until needed to assist the last loaf through the slicing blades

Up to 42%* more infeed loading capacity: Nested last loaf pusher frees up infeed space for more loading capacity, reducing the number of loading cycles

Proudly Made in the USA • NSF & UL Certified

5-Year Warranty with product registration

*versus current Oliver gravity feed slicer.  
May vary depending on model features of other gravity feed slicers

The Next Generation of Oliver Legacy Slicers!

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